The grasp of website optimization easily surpass competitors

remember a year ago, I was doing a guest station, ranking on top of me is a company’s station. At that time, my site has not ranked, but also be right down, there is only Baidu capital reserved for me a home. At that time, all kinds of cheating is a popular, Viagra site, three directory page ranking first dozens of words. Whim, if he can, I can only do on the front page of the site home page.

collect resources from quality beyond

in November, I began to carefully optimize this station (actually, also not very confident), adhere to the daily updates, insist to do every day the chain (hand Oh! This is my main means of ranking), after 19 days, ranking quickly into the first three pages of love Shanghai. This can be said to my big surprise, so far, to do repeat every day, about 30 days, ranking in the home page. And after a month long after the website first love Shanghai, related words have entered the top three. read more

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Practical analysis how to realize automatic adding keyword display in front of the title

you can see the same address, the same title, when different search keywords, in front of the title will automatically add different keywords. In the same page and we haven’t set keyword and description are automatically generated B2B website.

page title for the company name +B2B website name, contact address for the description of company name + contact Tel + + +, keywords for telephone company name. There are no keywords we search. Here we only give you an example, in fact, the page can match at least ten keywords, interested friends can go to look at the search. Then a simple B2B web page in the store is how to realize the automatic keyword matching is added to the title in front of it. A large number of keyword anchor text pointing to the page, so as to achieve the effect of. Many people in B2B promotion do is simple to achieve B2B internal ranking, senior point is to search engine rankings obtained by product pages, but few people think through the shop to rank, less is that few people will go to the chain store for B2B, but in the experiment in the process, I add a lot of chain of the anchor text for the page. The result of the experiment was apparently successful, not only to achieve the automatic matching of the front is added to the page title keywords, also can match a dozen keywords ranking the first two pages, in which multiple index are more than two hundred. read more

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Do you want to use statistics about love Shanghai love Shanghai series tools

I want to say is, yes, certainly is the two sector, even three departments, four departments, what they really don’t have much contact or cooperation. However, careful old webmaster, you must like me. Eat the loss, when on, in the lesson of blood and tears and found some people do not know the secret.

I to explain my personal experience, I is the auto parts network station. You are in the webmaster tools, I said the bloody love station network query query site and so on fact. In 2013 September, I have been in the webmaster statistics, learned a lot of new features about love and love of Shanghai statistics, Shanghai this year launched the webmaster tools, and the security alliance, I intend to try this. read more

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