Flame grilled

first_imgPrint Advertisement NewsFlame grilledBy admin – June 3, 2011 716 WhatsApp Facebook Twittercenter_img Previous articleLimerick face the Kingdom this Saturday nightNext articleLunchtime raids at Limerick and Newcastle West brothels admin Linkedin – The best BBQ tipsOK, first and foremost, let us not get carried away. It looks like a brief spell of good weather is here, but hail rain or snow, we should have the right idea and do the best we can. We all love a BBQ or at least the concept of eating outside – it’s the getting it right part that deters some from tackling something that can be very easy. Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up So, with that in mind, I have the top 10 BBQ tips that we should all adhere to so we get the most from our pleasant spells. Preheat properly – if you want that crunchy BBQ crust, be sure to bring your BBQ up to the right temperature before you start cooking. This also helps if you have been a little slack with cleaning the grill bars. Do not cook cold meat – Straight from the fridge is not what you do, beer, white wine and minerals yes, but keep your marinade meat at room temperature prior to cooking as it will ensure you have it cooked properly and to your liking. It is a problem when your chicken pieces do their best to soak that excellent marinade and we fail to cook them through because the centre is still fridge-like cold. Take them out an hour or more before you fire them on. Fat fuels the fire – so remember that when you are basting or marinating while you are cooking as the fat or oil in the mix will spark the flames to rise high and burn the meat. Try not to overload them during cooking but add a little and not so often. Thin is in – so remember this when you are asking the butcher to cut you steaks for the BBQ. We all like big fat juicy steaks but when you are outdoor grilling and BBQ cooking it is better to have them a bit thinner. If you really want thick steaks, you can seal them and get that initial flavour on the BBQ and then transfer them to the oven to finish…. kind of defeats the purpose for me.Remember food hygiene – or you will be BBQ-ing alone the next time. Don’t let the outdoors make you forget the basics and always put your cooked food on clean plates and never mix with raw. Let it be – so don’t poke and prod as it takes time for your meats to get that caramelise BBQ crust and the more you move it around, the more it is likely to remain greasy and messy. Try to only turn them once or twice and avoid overcrowding at the grill, that goes for the guests too. Rest – and relax, your meat as much as your bones, because it needs it. After cooking, let the meat, like any similarly roasted joint you may cook indoors, rest for a brief period as the juices will be retained within the meat. Keep it clean – because it will be seen. You can be, we can be, we all are, guilty of being lazy when it comes to BBQ grill bar cleaning. It’s the end of the evening and the beer and wine has flowed, and everyone is relaxed and full. The last thing we want is to tackle the grill. “We’ll get it later” is often the cry. But later never comes. Do it now.And finally, expand – and try something different. Be creative every so often, but only when you have the basics right. Emaillast_img