The grasp of website optimization easily surpass competitors

remember a year ago, I was doing a guest station, ranking on top of me is a company’s station. At that time, my site has not ranked, but also be right down, there is only Baidu capital reserved for me a home. At that time, all kinds of cheating is a popular, Viagra site, three directory page ranking first dozens of words. Whim, if he can, I can only do on the front page of the site home page.

collect resources from quality beyond

in November, I began to carefully optimize this station (actually, also not very confident), adhere to the daily updates, insist to do every day the chain (hand Oh! This is my main means of ranking), after 19 days, ranking quickly into the first three pages of love Shanghai. This can be said to my big surprise, so far, to do repeat every day, about 30 days, ranking in the home page. And after a month long after the website first love Shanghai, related words have entered the top three.

remember, love Shanghai no 6.28, webmaster forum is not so much to be right down, the signature can also hang a lot of time, every day to go to the post quantitative reply. The rest of the time, to find high quality can be the chain website, every time is very fast, but also very tired. However, high quality resources will give us the desired effect. Therefore, the proposed new, if you love your site, if you want to use the web site to make money every day to do the thing you should do, insist on doing every day yesterday, you do not make money?

summary: collect resources, whether it is for a novice or old webmaster.

time from the quantity beyond

a year, a year did not write soft article, did not write any more or less of the total marketing content, the heart want to record what. Today, I put a stop before the optimization experience to share with you. To celebrate the new year, and if the site management optimization work? How? The ranking will drop? Will not be included? The chain will not be reduced? All kinds of problems will be hovering in my mind. I think you like me.

: there are several layers of meaning of high quality. A web site, the weight is high, and related industries, can do more. Not related to two, industry, and high weight, can be slightly. Three, the site included low weight, and related industries, can do less.


summary: the chain number represents the site audience degree, on the one hand is to search engine rankings, love Shanghai that focus on the user experience, so he can be aware of your whereabouts (hint: many year no one outside the chain). Two days ago, so I have a friend to do site rankings, listen to him can make the number of days. Insist on, you can do it! (if you feel tired, do not do as early as possible, so that the growth of the webmaster)

reminder: love Shanghai algorithm to update, the chain is still a way of ranking algorithm, representing a part of the user experience.