Achraf and his return to Madrid in June: “What I want is to play”

first_imgOpen for return: “We have deserved to score the third goal. They take advantage of it at the minimum. The tie is open.”Golden Triumph: “We have prepared the game quite well and it worked out well. Haaland has helped us a lot and we hope it stays that way.” Haaland and his signing for Dortmund: “He’s been smart. He’s still young and he knows he has to play. He’ll have time to go to a big one.”Clear occasion: “I was able to score the third. I have to fine tune more, even if I am not a forward.”In June, end of assignment: “That’s what people say and the contract I have signed. Everything can happen in June, but we’ll see what the summer holds.”Ideas for the summer: “In my head is that I want to play and I want to continue growing. Here in Germany they are giving me the opportunity.”Come back to be a substitute?: “We’ll have to see it too.”last_img