Money to Burn Should You Buy Babysitting Mama

first_imgStay on target Money to Burn: Should You Buy Mac Tonight Merch?Money to Burn Poll: Should You Buy a Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller? Conspicuous consumption. It’s a way of life, especially if you’re a nerd. While it’s easy enough to be a complete person not defined by your interests or #brand allegiances, that’s boring! These days there are countless toys and props and plastic for geeks to spend their hard-earned(?) cash on. In fact, there’s so much, it can be hard to decide what’s actually worth buying.Any true fan will know the rarer the nerd swag the cooler it is, and you won’t find too many authentic rare loot drops at your local department store. For that, you’ll need to head to auction sites like eBay. But again, with so many choices, how can you figure out the best nerd items to snag when you have Money to Burn?The Wii remote is a really elegant device. I’ve already talked about my love of the console, but an overlooked aspect of it is just how sleek and cool the Wii remote itself looks, especially in an age where all video game controllers are the same. It’s just a white rectangle, but that alone served as the perfect form to kick start gaming’s motion-control craze.But that wasn’t the end. The Wii remote’s simple shape and tendency to stand in for other objects in games made it a dream for makers of dumb gaming peripherals. We got Wii remote tennis racket shells, Wii remote light gun shells, Wii remote golf club shells, and, naturally, a Wii remote baby shell.Babysitting Mama is a spin-off of the Cooking Mama series. As you’d expect, instead of playing cooking minigames you play child-rearing minigames. But the real chef’s kiss is the stuffed baby doll controller you cram the Wii remote into to pantomime actions like burping the baby or rocking it to sleep. But for the love of god don’t shake the baby too hard. It’s like that 1-2 Switch minigame but even more disturbingly elaborate.Babysitting Mama is maybe the only game I’ve bought ironically. But should you go down the same path? Should you buy Babysitting Mama complete with doll if you have Money to Burn? Let us know! Should You Buy Babysitting Mama?Yes (Money!)No (Burn!)VoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comShould You Buy Babysitting Mama?Money to Burn is’s ongoing series of polls. We put up a geeky eBay listing, talk about it, and leave it up to you whether or not the physical item is worth buying (Money) or is just cheap trash (Burn). And of course you should leave a comment explaining your rationale. Then be sure to keep coming back to to vote in the latest poll. Dispose of that income, you dorks!last_img