Sony cut the PS4 camera to hit the magic price of 399

first_imgSony Computer Entertainment CEO Andy House has admitted that Sony originally intended to include the PlayStation Camera as part of the base package PS4 console that will be available on November 15. The reason they ended up cutting it from the pack was one of price.Apparently $399 is seen as “the magic price.” It’s $200 cheaper than the PS3’s launch price, and $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. So I guess that’s what they see as being magic. Even so, it is thought every PS4 console sold will net a loss of around $60 for Sony, and that’s ultimately why the camera isn’t bundled. The camera on its own retails for $60, but the cost of including it (which would be lower than that) was deemed too high to be reasonable by Sony’s upper management.Even though some may see a lack of camera as an advantage for the Xbox One, House doesn’t view it that way as you’d expect. He makes the fair point that early adopters of the PS4 console will, like is usually the case for console launches, be made up of “serious gamers” who aren’t bothered about a camera. They want the controller for input and don’t want camera controlled games.This also suggests to me that eventually we may see the camera becoming a standard inclusion with the PS4 when manufacturing prices start to drop and the console is attracting a more mainstream consumer audience. However, if the camera proves unpopular or games supporting it don’t appear in great enough quantities, then it can remain a niche peripheral for the life of the console.last_img